In general, I strive to be fearless, but not delusional; be joyful, but not naive; be thoughtful, but not stubborn; be communicative, but not commanding; be credible, but not infamous;

In the long-term, I want to help close the gap between ideals and reality, academic and industry.

Currently, I’m building small products at Tiny Factories because I believe there's a future where indiepreneurs thrive. In a few years, I hope to take the learnings from making, launching, marketing, selling products in a monthly-cycle and apply them to bigger projects.

My senior thesis was on the "Space" of Computing: Computer went from being a job title for people who do calculations, to large machines that would fill up an entire room, to devices so small that they would fit into different objects and dissolve into our environment. Clearly, our conception of "computing" has changed and continues to change. This work identified dimensions that constitute the "space of computing". While some dimensions are less recognizable than others, defining them is an essential undertaking because defining the scope of "computing space" is to understand past, present, and future of our technological advancements, what we've already done and what we've neglected. You can view the thesis presentation here.

Thank you for spending some time here. Stay a while if you aren't in a rush.

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