I care tremendously about cultivating community, climate change, long-term (technology) research & development, and education. It is my life-long goal to put equal effort into these four areas.


I am an American-born Taiwanese, raised in busy Shanghai. I studied Interaction Design at California College of the Arts. At CCA, I was very fortunate to learn from those who helped shape the Internet. They exposed me to a world that I didn't know existed before. I will be forever grateful to the teachers and friends that I've met during my time there.

  Side projects  

I look for areas that don't get the attention they deserve and try my best to facilitate those conversations together with others. In high school, I co-designed a diary book that both students and faculty still use today. At CCA, I co-created a trading group, called The CCA Underground, that has hosted 900+ trades. A few friends and I have also created a digital campus, called Max CCA, where 80% of the students participated. Since freshman year, I have been part of John Bielenberg's experimental program Secret Project at CCA and have expanded the program to Taiwan and produced and co-facilitated 3 week-long workshops on challenging the status quo at Toucheng Farmin YiLan, Taiwan.